Everything you need to know about Euler Motor electric delivery vans

In the unique scene of metropolitan transportation, the coming of new EV commercial vehicles has proclaimed a new era of sustainability and proficiency. Euler Motors stands apart unmistakably among the pioneers in this space, especially with its imaginative electric conveyance vans. These vehicles are not just about diminishing carbon impressions; they address a complete answer for the developing necessities of present-day factors. Here are all the details that you want to know about Euler Motor electric delivery vans.

Euler HiLoad EV- Setting the Standards

At the core of Euler Motors’ prosperity lies their extraordinary incentive. The organization’s lead item, the Euler HiLoad EV, embodies its obligation to development and practicality. With a stunning payload limit of 688 kg, it overwhelmingly outranks rivals in the electric 3-wheeler cargo segment. The HiLoad EV flaunts a 13 kWh liquid-cooled battery load with ArcReactor innovation, conveying an accurate scope of 110-120 km and a pinnacle force of 88.55 Nm.

In any case, what genuinely sets Euler Engines apart isn’t simply these great numbers; it’s their all-encompassing way of dealing with electric portability and the electric vehicles price. The organisation offers quick charging that can cover 50 km in only 15 minutes, making it ideal for business applications. At-home charging facility of a 3.3 kW charger, access to public charging stations, and a “Charge on Wheels” every minute of everyday versatile charging help administration guarantee clients a problem-free charging experience and cut down the price of an electric vehicle compared to the other brands in the market.

Also, Euler Motors isn’t just about selling vehicles; it’s tied to offering a start-to-finish arrangement. Their Shepherd application gives ongoing vehicle tracking, charging notices, charging station booking, and maintenance alarms, mirroring their commitment to client accommodation and fulfilment.

Special Features:

  • Highest Payload capacity 688 kg
  • Fast Charge – 50 km in 15 minutes
  • Peak Power – 10.96 kW
  • Liquid Cooler Battery

Shepherd- The App for Everything EV

Shepherd reforms fleet management by giving an extensive set-up of elements and functionalities custom-made to the requirements of current organizations. With ongoing updates, proactive alarms, and the vehicle the board and tracking, Shepherd engages fleet managers to advance activities, improve productivity, and guarantee the security and unwavering quality of their fleets. Let’s look at some high-tech features of the Shepherd:

  • Constant Fleet Control:

Shepherd offers constant fleet control, permitting fleet supervisors to screen and deal with their electric commercial vehicles from any place, whenever. With an easy-to-use interface, you can follow the area of every vehicle, screen its status, and get cautions for any basic issues or occasions, guaranteeing proactive administration and fast reaction to any difficulties that emerge.

  • Find the Closest Charging Station:

For organizations with Euler HiLoad EVs in their fleet, Shepherd improves on the most common way of finding the closest charging stations. Whether you’re arranging an excursion or have to recharge in a hurry, Shepherd’s coordinated guide feature empowers you to find close-by charging openings easily, guaranteeing that your EVs stay charged and functional consistently.

  • Vehicle Management:

Shepherd smoothes out vehicle management by giving important data and devices to guarantee ideal execution and upkeep. Get continuous cautions about Euler HiLoad EV wellbeing, including support updates and indicative warnings, permitting you to resolve issues immediately and limit downtime. Furthermore, Shepherd empowers you to gauge trip ranges, oversee trip history, and monitor battery temperature to streamline vehicle effectiveness and life span.

  • Vehicle Tracking:

With Shepherd’s vehicle tracking element, you can remain updated on the whereabouts of your Euler HiLoad EV progressively. Get moment updates on vehicle developments, track routes taken, and get cautions for any deviations or unforeseen stops. Shepherd additionally gives constant trip range and trip history, permitting you to answer quickly to crises and guarantee the well-being of your drivers and resources.

  • Battery Pre-Heating or Cooling Alarms

In areas with outrageous temperatures, Shepherd’s high-level capacities stretch out to overseeing battery temperature for electric vehicles. Get cautions for battery pre-heating or cooling, guaranteeing ideal execution and life span of EV batteries, particularly in testing atmospheric conditions.


In conclusion, Euler Motor electric commercial vehicles address a change in perspective in metropolitan commute scenes. With their mix of innovation, adjustable setups, improved security features, and eco-friendly operations, they offer a comprehensive answer for the difficulties of last-mile delivery. By embracing these vehicles, organizations can work on their functional effectiveness and add to building cleaner, more secure, and more sustainable urban areas for people in the future. As the world moves towards a greener future, Euler Motors remains at the front, driving development and progress in metropolitan transportation.

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