Here are 10 interior designers, studios, and architects you should follow on Instagram

if you’re a decor enthusiast. Whether you want to become an interior designer or architect, are looking for ideas to angel 65 keyboard spruce up your space, or just have an interest in the field and would love to take notes, these are the people you should follow.

1. Shabnam Gupta 

A lover of design and aspiring artist, Shabnam Gupta is known for designing restaurants (Tanjore Tiffin Room and Viman Nagar Socials, to name a few), individual spaces, and the homes of celebrities like Rajkummar Rao and Patralekhaa. Her source of creativity and inspiration has always been Mother Nature. Shabnam creates a design aesthetic that has since become her signature style by combining earthy tones with a modern touch and a rustic edge, all interspersed with bursts of energizing colors.

2. Josmo Studio 

Want to know how to do interiors with tropical themes right? Josmo Studio, founded by Anjali Mody in Goa, will carry out the task. We are transported to a tropical paradise when we look at the Instagram page, and we wish we could relax there with a Pina Colada. Josmo Studio believes in promoting bespoke Indian craftsmanship and creating sustainable products. The studio has an eye for interesting oversized lamps, vibrant wall art, and rustic furniture.

3. Rooshad Shroff 

If you’ve ever stopped and looked in the window of a Hermès store in Mumbai or New Delhi, you might have noticed that Rooshad Shroff is the man who designed the store’s pleasing appearance. The studio of Rooshad, whose name is associated with custom furniture, interior design, and architecture, takes great pride in combining cutting-edge design methods with traditional handiwork. Rooshad’s Instagram page is sure to inspire you if you prefer modern minimalism and updating classics.

  1. Ravi Vazirani Work with interior designer and furniture maker Ravi Vazirani to create a cozy atmosphere by combining textures and earthy colors in a novel way. The majority of Ravi’s inspiration comes from simply interacting with his clients and comprehending their requirements. He has designed retail spaces like the Atmosphere stores, studios and offices for Himatsingkas, millennial restaurants and cafes like The Stolen Coffee room in New Mumbai and High Spirits in Pune, and Karan r2park Johar’s home. Be on the lookout for his recycled sand-cast aluminum tables and stools, which are sure to warm up any space.
  2. FADD Studio is an interior design firm in Bengaluru that was founded in 2012 by Farah Ahmed and Dhaval Shellugar. Its works are influenced by art, architecture, and culture. In residential, commercial, retail, and hospitality settings, you’ll see them experimenting a lot with geometric patterns and shapes, large doors and window scapes, wooden furniture, and muted colors.
  3. Nishita Kamdar In Mumbai, Nishita Kamdar’s award-winning studio is best known for designing stunning resort and vacation home interiors. Nishita’s work demonstrates her simple philosophy that architecture should not only look beautiful but also feel beautiful and appeal to the other senses of the human being. She designs multifunctional spaces that are high on utility and sensitive to the needs of the end user.
  4. Aamir Sharma and Hameeda Sharma Sometimes, a wall hanging or unusual piece of furniture can make a big impression. Also, if you want to learn how to create this style, look to Aamir and Hameeda Sharma, who are known for using parametric forms in their work. Check out their works, which include a car showroom in Hyderabad with a ceiling of parametric lines and a Bengaluru microbrewery with a large parametric geometric structure and hundreds of rafters piercing the beams.
  5. Jannat Vasi’s style always makes an impression, whether it’s in the form of opulent bathrooms, elegant walk-in wardrobes, extravagant terraces, or bright walls that invigorate bedrooms. Jannat has an impressive clientele that includes the Cornucopia retail store for Madras Cafe, restaurants like House of Llyod, office spaces for Gozoop Advertising Agency and Sierra Singapore, luxury homes for the Kamala Mills family, Goodwill Builders, Detco Textiles, and singer Himesh Reshammiya, among others. Jannat is also well-known on a global scale.
  6. Krupa Zubin Krupa Zubin is an architect and interior designer who co-founded ZZ Architects, one of India’s most well-known design firms, with Zubin Zainuddin. But what exactly sets her Instagram account apart? She documents her journey, as well as the process and Behind the Scenes of her projects, which are not only inspiring but also instructive, in addition to the stunning interior design projects. Therefore, you should follow her social media channel if you want to become an architect or interior designer.
  7. Rajiv Saini Rajiv Saini, the man who started Rajiv Saini and Associates, is one of the most prominent design firms in the country. He is known for combining cutting-edge design with exquisitely crafted details for residential and hospitality spaces. Rajiv’s area of expertise is experimenting with various materials that offer textural tactility. However, he also enjoys painting and photo frames, and for a number of projects, he has been experimenting with using them as wall art.

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