How to Order Group Food on the Train?

Are you planning a group trip by train and wondering how to keep everyone well-fed during the journey? Look no further! Gofoodieonline is here to make your train travel experience even more enjoyable by offering convenient and hassle-free group food delivery in train. With Gofoodieonline, you can now sit back, relax, and relish delicious meals with your travel companions, without compromising on taste or variety.

Why Choose Gofoodieonline For Group Food In Train?

Gofoodieonline is a leading food delivery service that specializes in providing delectable meals on the go, including train journeys. Here’s why Gofoodieonline is the ideal choice for ordering group food in train:

Extensive Menu Options:

At Gofoodieonline, we understand that every individual has unique preferences. That’s why we offer an extensive menu featuring a wide range of cuisines and dishes to cater to diverse palates. From Indian delicacies to international favourites, our menu has something for everyone.

Customizable Orders:

With Gofoodieonline, you have the freedom to customize your group food order, ensuring that each member of your travel party gets exactly what they desire. Whether it’s dietary preferences, special requests, or portion sizes, our user-friendly app or website allows you to personalize your order effortlessly.

Quick and Timely Delivery:

We understand the importance of punctuality, especially when you’re on a train journey. Gofoodieonline ensures that your group food order is delivered promptly to your designated train station, allowing you to enjoy your meal without any delays or inconvenience.

Hygienic and Quality Meals:

At Gofoodieonline, we place utmost importance on the quality and hygiene of our meals. Our partner restaurants and food vendors follow strict safety protocols to ensure that your group food is prepared and packaged with the utmost care, maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene.

How to Order Group Food on the Train with Gofoodieonline?

Now that you know why Gofoodieonline is the go-to platform for ordering group food on trains, let’s walk you through the simple steps to place your order:

  • Visit the Gofoodieonline website or download the user-friendly app on your mobile device.
  • Enter your train details, including the train number, boarding station, and destination station.
  • Browse through the diverse menu options and select the dishes that your group would like to relish during the journey.
  • Customize your order based on individual preferences, such as adding or excluding specific ingredients or requesting special dietary requirements.
  • Review your order and proceed to the payment page. Gofoodieonline offers multiple secure payment options for your convenience.
  • Sit back, relax, and let Gofoodieonline take care of the rest. Your group food will be prepared, packaged, and delivered to your train station at the designated time.


With Gofoodieonline, ordering group food on the train has never been easier. Say goodbye to the hassle of carrying food from home or relying on limited train pantry options. Experience the joy of relishing a wide variety of delicious meals with your travel companions, delivered right to your train seat. Choose Gofoodieonline for a delightful and hassle-free group food experience during your train journey.

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