What Should Be Paid Attention to When Injection Molding Machine Procurement?

Many companies today need injection molding machines but must learn how to choose a reliable supplier. So selecting a good supplier is very, very important for the procurement of any enterprise. What should we pay attention to when Injection molding machine procurement? Let’s talk about it next!

The first thing is to know the injection molding machine requirement!

Before purchasing a new machine, you should know what kind of product you want to produce and how much it will cost you. The size of your factory will also affect this decision, as well as whether or not your factory has additional production lines. Suppose you are running multiple lines at the same time. In that case, purchasing an injection molding machine with a higher capacity is better so that each line can run smoothly without affecting each other’s productivity levels. Also, consider the material you will work with most: plastic resin or metal alloy. Different types of plastics depend on their hardness level, with softer plastics bending more easily and breaking faster than more rigid plastics.

The second is to understand the actual situation of the customer enterprise!

Please take a look at your injection molding machine. The customer needs to know what kind of product they are using and how long it takes to produce one piece to determine whether they can meet their demand in time.

Know their injection molding machine requirements: customers will tell you whether they want a three-color machine or a four-color machine, which material they wish to use, whether they need air cooling, etc. All this information is crucial to us when we quote for them. Know the size: You also need to know if your product is small or large so we can choose the right equipment for your project. *Capacity: We need to know how many pieces per hour you need our machine to produce. We need this number because only we will know how much it will cost to produce each unit on our machines once we quote at this capacity.

The third is to choose the appropriate supplier and make an accurate contract!

When choosing a supplier, we must first understand its technology level and production capacity. The supplier’s quality control system also needs to be checked. Whether it can provide you with high-quality products is an essential factor when selecting a supplier. In addition, we must study its reputation and credit before signing a contract with them because these two factors are closely related to each other: if one side has no credibility, then there will be no trust in business transactions; if there is no trust between two parties, how can they cooperate smoothly? Therefore we need to conduct careful research on this matter before deciding whether or not we want our company’s future cooperation with another manufacturer!

The basis of injection molding machine procurement is to pay attention to its quality!

Quality is the most crucial factor in injection molding machine procurement. The quality of an injection molding machine directly affects product quality and production cost. In addition, it also affects the stability of production and efficiency of production. The quality of an injection molding machine includes: Appearance: whether or not there is any damage on its surface; Mechanical performance: whether or not there are defects on its mechanical parts; Electrical performance: whether or not there are defects on its electrical parts; Temperature characteristics: how long does it take for temperature changes after starting up?

Choose a supplier with reliable quality, good after-sales service, and a good reputation!

When choosing a supplier, you should pay attention to the quality of the products and after-sales service. The quality of the injection molding machine should be reliable, and the after-sales service is also essential. Choosing a supplier with a good reputation and reliable quality is necessary.

To choose a reliable supplier, we must first understand what kind of requirements we need from suppliers: Product quality requirements: Injection molding machine parts are used in many industries, such as automobiles, electronics, and household appliances; therefore, it has very high-performance requirements High; it must be able to withstand mechanical stress during use or transportation to avoid damage due to external factors such as temperature changes.

In the end

Any plastic manufacturing industry now needs an injection molding machine, the dominant equipment used in the plastics industry. Then the procurement process is critical. We hope that more purchases can learn through this article and understand that there are many factors for choosing an injection molding machine, and at the same time, take this opportunity to learn about our company.

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